Dance Instructors

Denise Paugh
Denise began dancing at the age of 7. Since that time, she has continued to pursue her passion in dance. She is a 2003 UNC-Charlotte graduate with a dance education degree. Previously, Denise has owned and operated her own studio in PA. She developed the dance education program at Salisbury High School from 2004-2008. She founded the dance education program at Carson High School and was the sole teacher until the program was ended 2006-2013. While at Carson, she created the honors dance curriculum for the Rowan-Salisbury schools. She has choreographed musicals and concerts and has also worked with the special needs programs. Denise also has theatrical talents, skills which she enjoys bringing into her dances. She has taught children age 3 through adults in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary/modern, lyrical.  She has also choreographed liturgical dances for various congregations. Denise's competition dances have received numerous first place awards. Denise loves to share her passion of dance with all her students.


Lyka Person

Lyka Person began her dance training in her hometown of Durham, NC. She began in church learning praise and pantomime dance. She then proceeded to an engineer high school, where she joined the hip-hop dance team, and the band for four years. During her time in the band, she performed as an auxiliary member, specializing in contemporary jazz. Lyka then moved to Charlotte, NC to study dance at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she participated on Tantrum Hip-hop Dance Troupe all four years and received her Bachelors of Art degree. Lyka continues her dance studies by taking classes at The NC Dance District, and going to workshops in Atlanta and New York.

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