Art Instructors

Jackie Royce
Jackie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography from East Carolina University. Jackie has taught a variety of art classes and camps at Ludmila for the past four year. She has provided in-depth, hands-on instructions for all levels and types of art. Currently, Jackie teaches art Woodlawn School in Davidson. She designs and implements lesson plans for children in kindergarten through sixth grade and high school. Jackie is enthusiastic about the arts and education, instilling passion and excitement in each of her students. She has received high praise from both school administrators and parents for the excellent work she accomplishes with her students

Deborah Weir - Art
I can’t imagine a world without the arts.  When someone is creating art, they are really looking and exploring the world around them.  Art is pure expression, which helps us communicate our feelings. 
I always knew I’d want a career in education and art.  I earned my Masters of Fine Art from William Paterson University.  I also have a Masters in Special Education from Felician College, and Bachelors in Education from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Recently I became Nationally Board Certified in Art, which has positively impacted my teaching.
My 20-year career in education has given me the opportunity to follow my dream of teaching in a variety of settings.  I’ve taught students from kindergarten to ninth grade in the visual arts and instructed in the regular classroom in grades 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade.  I’m currently teaching art to k-5 students in the public school setting and always plan on keeping the arts a part of my life.

Ludmila Art